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Northsourcing Inc to open new market is South America and Europe.

Northsourcing today announces its next wave of implementations and market outreach to target countries in Latin America. Latin America isn't typically the first place an investor looks to find technology stocks. Indeed, most of the infrastructure and spending on technology in the region is imported from places like Japan, China and the U.S.

But when it comes to consumer-driven technology stocks, like mobile telephony and Internet commerce, foreign competitors have trouble competing with local companies that are more in tune with the culture — and have a keener eye for what the people want, and how much they’re willing to spend on it.

Latin America is forecast to outgrow the rest of the world in information technology spending by 1.8 times in 2012, with IT spending growing 12.2% and reaching $97 billion, according to IDC. Investment in hardware, led by mobile devices, is estimated to grow at 1.4 times the global average; software investment is forecast to outgrow the world by a ratio of 1.8 to 1; and in IT services Latin America is expected to grow about 10.5%, more than 2.4 times the rate of the global average. Latin America’s growth in telecommunications services is forecast to grow by an even more impressive factor of 2.8 times the average global growth rate.

Northsourcing takes all of this data and heads towards this new market..