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A company dedicated to provide: IT Services, IT Support, IT Consulting and Professional Services... focused on Customer Satisfaction.

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1. IT Consulting

Whether your business platform need a transformation, integration or technological advisor, our IT consulting team is ready to heard your needs and proposal something better. As consultants we focus on:

  • Diagnostics: Listening to customer needs, gathering information related to the behavior of the service and showing the results.
  • Solution Proposal: Showing diverse scenarios recommended to incorporate or modernize your IT infrastructure.
  • Project Conception: Specifying the scope of a project or requirement and which services or systems will be involved in the change or.
  • Planning: Defining the tasks to implement the solutions or enhance the performance.
  • Implementation: Executing the tasks planned with the tools required to enhance the behavior expected, all based in our Professional Services.

2. Architecture & Design Solutions

Is the most sensitive area, since there, all the definitions, technical scenarios and solutions are planned using our knowledge in Information Technology to meet the customer’s needs. Our A&D service will provide:

  • Infrastructure -best solution: Defining variety of products: Services, Applications, Hardware and Software.
  • HLD (High Level Design) diagram.
  • LLD (Low Level Design) diagram.
  • Operation Process:  Security, Monitoring, Backups, Replication Process, Disaster Recovery, CMDB, etc.

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3. Managed Services

Manage applications, services and hardware may be something complicated even if you have the experience or have hired to someone else to perform daily basis management. Make yourself the following questions:

  • Do I need a IT technical department?
  • Do I need to hired experts in all areas?
  • How much cost hire personal to take daily basis task?
  • What’s the cost to keep your personal trained?

If most of your answers are “no” or “too much”, we have a proposal for you.

Our Managed Service are focused to operate your platform, with no extra payments, no learning curve, ready to take care of:

  • Operating Systems, Databases, Backups and common Commercial Applications (1)
  • Security and Vulnerabilities Remediation.
  • Monitoring services with and proactive and reactive actions.
  • Troubleshooting Hardware and software regular and assistance.

Everything Remote or On-Site.

4. Implementation and Deploy.

It involves the review/inspection of the environmental requirements to physical installation, electrical requirements, assembly, positioning, devices connections, software-drivers or packages, and network connectivity, everything before insert the element to the production environment using best practices and vendor requirements. In most typical situation:

  • Software Installation and configuration.
  • Replication of the configuration on multiples elements.
  • Network cabling and wiring.

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5. e-Commerce Portal Web Design & Development

e-Commerce must to be easy, simple and affordable. Also must have backstage applications or modules for: Sales, CRM, Inventory and more (ERP tools). We are proud to leverage all those features in our leading service, providing businesses with a real business website and shopping cart solution. We're more than prepared to help your company find a solution for the needs that best suit you, tailored. Our e-Commerce websites are extremely easy to use and simplify the management of your online business.

6. Technical Support (Remote or Onsite)

With multiple point of contact to reach our Help Desk services: via website, e-mail, phone call, even chat service, we are able to diagnose and repair/fix common problems with your system (hardware) and application or services (software), providing quality service remotely (through internet connection) or serving you at your own location.

  • 24x7 Service.
  • Instant Help.
  • Personalized interaction.
  • Response in 60 min or less.
  • Affordable monthly – hourly plans available.
  • Onetime services at a reasonable price.
  • Ticket Management.
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